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Catherine Boyle… Stepping Into Mental Health Ministry: Understand Who Your Church Is and Find the Champions

Before launching the Ironbridge Baptist Church mental health pilot, I spent months talking and meeting with individuals of influence within the church community, many with ‘lived experience.’ The goal of such conversations was ultimately to generate support for the idea that we could – as a faith community – be much more upfront about the reality of mental illness, in all its various forms – and begin truly supporting one another. Continue reading

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Does the media use persons with mental illness as scapegoats for violence?

A new study suggests the media implicates mental illness as a cause of violence with increasing frequency and in doing so, is complicit in increasing the stigma experienced by persons with mental illness and their families.
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I am not depression

But I know this for certain. My depression is the illness I fight, not my identity. I’m empowered to share more with others. I am comfortable asking for prayer. I am open about the scary, difficult parts of my mental health story. Continue reading

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The societal ruin of the term ‘depression’ and other hurtful comments about mental illness

We regularly watch TV shows and movies that treat mental illness, and people who have such illnesses, as one big joke.
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My Depression: no longer under lock and key

I wrote this book because the stigma about mental illness in our Christian circles is alive and well. How can a believer in Jesus have suicidal ideations? How can a Christian often feel no hope? What about fullness in Christ? Continue reading

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Mental health inclusion…Preaching it from the pulpit

When the leader of your church talks about mental illness from the pulpit or the stage during weekend worship services, they communicate to the body that people with mental illness are valued and grant permission for members and attendees to talk with others in the church about their experiences.
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Seven reasons church attendance is difficult when kids have mental illness…

Today, we’ll start by identifying seven reasons church attendance/participation is difficult for families of kids with mental illness.
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