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Five reasons limiting electronics is harder for kids with mental health conditions

I am suggesting that parents consider why their child’s reactions to being parented in their use of technology are so extreme and to consider how they might address the “why” that fuels their child’s apparent addiction to their electronic toys. Continue reading

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Living in a manner that honors Christ’s reputation

So…if we’re wrestling with a business challenge or providing a service or advocating for a specific candidate or cause, the question on the table is this – will this action reflect well upon the reputation of the One I claim to serve in front of a hostile world? Continue reading

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The front door of your church…

Websites increasingly serve as the front door to our churches…a tool for introducing the church to first-time visitors and a strategy for communicating information about ministry opportunities and events to a population more likely to attend to their smartphones and tablets than to a traditional church bulletin. Continue reading

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The compelling case for social media in special needs ministry…Barb Dittrich

The question for us became, “If our parents can’t come to us, how can we come to them?” Continue reading

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Experiencing Genuine Community Online…Nils Smith

Today I want to encourage you that your online relationships can be just as full, deep and meaningful as your face-to-face relationships. Our world is moving online and instead of trying to fight that inevitable shift, what we should instead focus on is how can we build the relationships we want in our lives, both online and in person. Continue reading

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Introducing Nils Smith…our featured presenter for Inclusion Fusion in March

Nils will be engaging in a wide-ranging discussion on the topic “Is Online Christian Community Really Community?” As part of our discussion, Nils will discuss how churches may use their existing online resources to minister to families of kids with disabilities. Continue reading

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Help Wanted…for two “Key” jobs

We’re looking for a couple of good men…or women. We have two paid positions we’re seeking to fill. Continue reading

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