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4 Reasons Traumatized Kids Need Mentally Healthy Parents

Children of depressed parents have a higher risk of developing PTSD. Continue reading

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Four advantages to family ministry when families are impacted by disability

When serving kids with disabilities, the church needs to rely on experts with the most understanding and experience of a child’s learning, communication styles and relationships…their parents! Continue reading

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Are parents of kids with ADHD stigmatized at church?

Would it make more sense to err on the side of grace in how we view families of kids with ADHD, at least until we know them well enough to feel we could walk in their shoes? Continue reading

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Why are so many parents open to ADHD medication for their kids?

The end result is that the consequences of a lack of success in our educational system can be dire, and if we conceptualize kids having to pass through an ever-increasing number of “round holes” in our schools, the desperation of parents to get their “square peg” through those round holes is mounting. The end result is that parents pursue medication, tutoring, alternative schools and other approaches for their kids who struggle academically because they fear the long-term consequences associated with academic underachievement. Continue reading

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Including kids and teens with mental illness at church…What are the barriers?

I’ve come to the conclusion that our team at Key Ministry needs to, at the very least, put forth a conceptual model for a mental health/trauma inclusion ministry that could be implemented by churches of all sizes, denominations and organizational styles. Continue reading

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When should parents consider non-medical treatment first?

Many mental health conditions are commonly seen in kids for which medication generally isn’t the first step in a well-developed treatment plan. Today, we’ll look at some situations when parents and clinicians might consider non-medical treatment alternatives first. Continue reading

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How would I know if my child would benefit from medication?

Given all the controversy generated by the topic of psychiatric medication for kids and teens, I’m frequently asked for guidance and direction from parents and caregivers as to when medication is necessary and appropriate. Here are some clarifying questions I share with parents to help them in their decision making process…
Continue reading

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