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Speakers and Topics for Inclusion Fusion 2012

Here’s a current list of speakers committed to joining us for Inclusion Fusion 2012! Continue reading

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Chairman’s Choices/Updates for Inclusion Fusion Day Two

Finally, help us “grow the movement.” Invite at least one person today to join the conference who might have a heart for helping the church welcome more kids with disabilities and their families. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion 2012 Magazine Now Available

The Inclusion Fusion 2012 Special Needs Ministry Web Summit magazine is now available for download here. The magazine is 51 pages long, and contains schedules for live chat sessions and Tweetchats, instructions for participating in interactive sessions, biographies of all of our faculty, and in-depth interviews with Mike Beates, Ben Conner, Barb Dittrich, Bryan Roe, Rhett Smith and Mike Woods. The magazine contains contact information for all of our speakers and is a useful resource for connecting with others in the disability ministry community. Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Amy Dolan

Discovering our calling requires that we listen to God’s voice, receive feedback from others, and take note of the patterns in our lives. For Amy, her calling is to care for church leaders who lead children in the church. She’s continually heard God’s voice on this, even on the days she most doubts herself and feels tempted to pursue a new career path. God doesn’t let this her calling go, ever, instead asking her to accept opportunities to live this out. Continue reading

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Mom, I feel like CINDERELLA! Guest Blog from Cindi Ferrini

Sometimes it takes the mirror of reality for us to stop and change our course. That comment did just that for me. I became keenly aware of the fact that she needed to be a kid. I know I didn’t expect her to “take over” my job of caring for our son with special needs, but I was happy for her help, and at that moment I could see I’d lost the ability to see that I was asking too much. Continue reading

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Faces of the Movement: Matt Stanford

Matt’s presentation is designed for anyone interested in learning more about mental illness from a Biblical perspective. Topics covered in this workshop will include:

What is a Biblical and clinical understanding/response to mental illness?
How to recognize mental illness.
The essential role of the church in the recovery and treatment process.
How to respond to families dealing with mental illness.
How to create mental health related supportive care within the church.
Resources to help families navigate the health care system and everyday life.
Continue reading

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Faces of the Movement: Penny and Mike Hanlon

The journal was created because I needed to find God in all of this pain and suffering. I have always been a Christian, always went to church, always loved God but when this kind of deep emotional suffering began happening in my life, my view changed and I began to question God. Does He really love me? Will this pain ever end? Why did He give me a “broken” child? Continue reading

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