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Seven things I learned from our first 1,000 blog posts…

On the occasion of our thousandth post, I’ll share the seven most important takeaways I’ve gained since starting this journey with you in the summer of 2010. Continue reading

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Our Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

In the event you may have missed something that was quite popular among your fellow readers, today we share the ten most viewed posts of 2015. Continue reading

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Clinging to Faith while Parenting Children with PTSD

God was in control when his Son hung on the cross. Surely he is in control of the lives of our traumatized children, too. Continue reading

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4 Reasons Traumatized Kids Need Mentally Healthy Parents

Children of depressed parents have a higher risk of developing PTSD. Continue reading

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How Parents Can Advocate Effectively for Traumatized Children

Because children with PTSD can’t advocate for themselves. They need us to be their voice when they are too small and too broken to advocate on their own behalf. This post discusses three skills parents must cultivate to be effective advocates for traumatized kids. Continue reading

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How to Prevent PTSD in Traumatized Children

This post reviews some of the techniques parents and other adults can use to lower the risk of PTSD developing in our kids after they experience a traumatic event.
Continue reading

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Effective Treatment of PTSD in Children

The earlier children with PTSD are treated, the better. Early treatment means less likelihood of complications from multiple untreated traumas, less time for inappropriate trauma response behaviors to become ingrained habits, and less likelihood of other mental conditions arising from untreated traumas. Though early treatment is best, it is never too late to seek treatment. Continue reading

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