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Connecting with the Community: Stepping Outside the Church to Grow Your Ministry

Recently, our church was the first host site for a Guinness World Record attempt for creating the world’s largest fingerprint painting aimed at raising awareness for playgrounds that are accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities.
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Six reasons people with disabilities don’t know we love them

“Jesus loved all the unsanctioned people.” And today? Some of those same groups, as well as a few more, are still treated as unsanctioned by some of our churches. Often, they don’t know we love them. Why? Continue reading

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Should kids with ADHD take their medication for church?

If your child’s experience at church is as important as their experience at school, the need for effective treatment at church is as great as their need for treatment at school. Continue reading

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What disability ministry is and isn’t…insights from my first Accessibility Summit

If you want to share the good news of Christ with all people, then this is a good place to start! Continue reading

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Ron Sandison…She believed in the word “CAN”

My mom’s belief in the word “CAN” paid off. My mom believed that by having me interact with typical children my own age I would learn essential social skills, and by developing my talents I could gain independence and accomplish my dreams. Continue reading

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The suicide epidemic among high-functioning persons with autism

Adults with autism and no intellectual disability are over NINE TIMES MORE LIKELY to commit suicide when compared to their age-matched peers. Continue reading

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Is it ever okay to exclude a child at church?

It’s not okay to exclude a child at church, but sometimes including them in the same way as every other child isn’t a common sense approach, either. Continue reading

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