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4 Reasons Traumatized Kids Need Mentally Healthy Parents

Children of depressed parents have a higher risk of developing PTSD. Continue reading

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Creating a more supportive church culture…one congregation’s journey…

We are in the beginning stages, but perhaps the most beautiful firstfruits have been watching the healing that goes both ways when parents who have been on the journey longer come alongside those who are just beginning to deal with these struggles. The support brings a sense of greater purpose to parents sharing what they have learned with others.
Continue reading

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Becoming emotionally healthy…

While I’m wrestling with what it means to become a more emotionally healthy leader, I know lots of my colleagues in ministry and lots of parents and family members who follow this blog are wrestling with becoming emotionally healthy in the face of challenges that grow by the day. Continue reading

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“I Can’t Do This!”: Facing Your Limitations as a Special-Needs Parent

As you face difficult situations in parenting your child with social, emotional or behavioral challenges or disabilities, remember that none of this is a surprise to God and that He has a plan and purpose for you and your child as you struggle. Continue reading

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Hopeful, Trusting, Confident and Calm…Karen Crum

When I was actively listening to God’s directions, I was able to relax and feel so much more internal confidence and peace as a parent. I learned that many things will not will work according to my plans and timing, but I know that God is in control and that I can trust and hope in Him to lead “my pack”. Continue reading

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Lorna Bradley…Hope and Acceptance

God pours his gold into our broken places, making us whole, making us stronger, making us interesting and beautiful in a way that surpasses what others would call perfect. Continue reading

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Lorna Bradley…Hope for Healthy Relationships

One of the greatest gifts parents who are overwhelmed can receive is the knowledge that they are not alone. The relationships that come through meeting others on the same journey provide meaningful connections and support. Continue reading

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Four challenges of leading disability ministry as a special needs parent…Shannon Dingle

If the parent of a child with special needs wants to serve or lead in disability ministry at your church, don’t say no. But do ask some questions out of love, knowing that these parents willing to serve also need to be served too. Continue reading

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Putting the pieces together…Guest blogger Kathleen Bolduc

Where do we go for solace? For rest and refreshment? For an infilling of joy? We know where to find those things for our kids, but where do we find them for ourselves? Continue reading

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“Mom, I feel like Cinderella”-Cindi and Joe Ferrini…Inclusion Fusion Library

I became keenly aware of the fact that she needed to be a kid. I know I didn’t expect her to “take over” my job of caring for our son with special needs, but I was happy for her help, and at that moment I could see I’d lost the ability to see that I was asking too much. Continue reading

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