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Every Child Welcome…the most complete special needs ministry resource I’ve ever come across

This is not a book that will be read once and stuck on a shelf…well-worn copies will be found on the desks and in the workspaces of those serving in children’s ministry, family ministry and special needs ministry because it is destined to become the “go-to” reference when leaders look for answers in seeking to minister with kids with disabilities and their families. Continue reading

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What if you have a disability? Chuck Swindoll’s teaching this week at Insight for Living

Chuck Swindoll will be teaching on the topic What if you have a disability? this coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (February 24-26) as part of his current series What If? airing from January 26-March 16. Continue reading

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Leaning into our greatest fear…

Matt’s book is really about submission…giving up our agendas and sense of self-sufficiency for a life in which we experience both pain and joy in the process of truly experiencing the presence of God through becoming totally dependent upon Him. Continue reading

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Review: Troubled Minds…A much needed catalyst for conversation

Troubled Minds: Mental Health and the Church’s Mission. Authored by Amy Simpson. Foreword by Marshall Shelley. Published by InterVarsity Press. Available at Amazon. Amy Simpson’s new book is a much needed catalyst to a long overdue discussion on the topic … Continue reading

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Book Review: Amplifying Our Witness by Ben Conner

In Ben’s book, he advocates for a “practice-centered” approach to discipleship of teens and young adults with developmental disabilities. Through including adolescents with developmental disabilities in traditional Christian practices (worship, hospitality, prayer, friendship) involving participation in a community of faith, a transformative effect on spiritual development can occur based upon intuition and impression that doesn’t necessarily correspond to our understanding of intellectual or psychosocial development. Continue reading

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Review: The Eric Trap…A Leadership Fable

The Eric Trap contains lots of sage advice from three highly qualified leaders in the field of children’s ministry. This is a great synopsis of the type of wisdom one would get from listening to several days of main stage speakers at a major ministry conference. I’d strongly recommend the book to my friends in “kidmin” world, as well as other areas of ministry, especially those who are feeling “stuck.”
Continue reading

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Book Review…Different Dream Parenting

Jolene Philo’s book is an invaluable help to parents and caregivers seeking to do their very best to serve their child with special needs. Her book can serve as an “adjunct left brain” when the emotions and decisions parents need to process become too much to handle. Continue reading

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Stuck…by Rhonda Martin

Rhonda Martin’s new book, Stuck, is an invaluable resource for kids with OCD and their families because it helps kids and parents to recognize that others experience similar types distressing thoughts, irrational fears and compulsive behaviors. The ability to attach a name to symptoms is often the first step in the process of seeking help. The kids I see in my practice have often suffered in silence for years. The availability of Stuck will undoubtedly result in thousands of kids and families seeking help who wouldn’t have otherwise experienced relief from a condition that prevents them from becoming the people God created them to be. Continue reading

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Autism and Your Church…Revised Edition by Barbara Newman

Autism and Your Church is an excellent resource for church staff and volunteers seeking to more effectively minister to children and adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families, offering strategies for creating welcoming environments and practical solutions for churches seeking to be more inclusive of persons with special needs. Continue reading

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