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God’s Plan for His Church Includes All of Us

God has a plan for His church, and no matter how challenging, His plan includes us. Continue reading

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When You’re Living Someone Else’s Worst Case Scenario

When meeting a mom whose son had just been diagnosed with autism, Sandra realized her life was this woman’s worst case scenario. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Sandra Peoples and Her Mission

But around the book grew a tribe. A community who loves and supports each other. Who teaches and encourages. Who rejoices and mourns. My community. My ministry. Continue reading

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When Those with Disabilities Are Included (and not just tolerated) at Church, Redemption Happens

Our pastor’s wife, Kim, approached Joel before the service. “Joel, it’s your job to blow out the Advent candles today, OK? So, when it’s time, you and I will walk up front together.” Joel grinned. Instead of doing what he … Continue reading

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Karen Jackson…A Personal Plea from an Autism Mom

Karen Jackson shares a personal plea to reach out to those caregivers who seem to have it together. Continue reading

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5 Practical Tips for Young Adults with Autism Seeking Employment…Ron Sandison

Twenty-six million Americans with disabilities are of working age. Every year an additional 50,000 young adults with autism diligently search and struggle for employment. Many of these young adults experience chronic under-employment and unemployment. These practical tips can empower your child for employment and independence. Continue reading

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Key Ministry to be featured Tuesday night on Cleveland radio…

They’ll be discussing the topic: Welcoming Families of Kids With Mental Illness at Church. Continue reading

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