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Kids don’t want to be seen as “different”

The best possible solutions for including kids with mental illness at church would include those offering potential benefits to all children and families without drawing attention to any particular child, those that help kids to prepare privately for participation in church activities outside the scrutiny of peers and solutions that offer necessary supports without requiring children or families to self-identify in order to receive help. Continue reading

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What Perry Noble’s admission says about mental illness, stigma and church

What’s fascinating (from a psychiatrist’s perspective) about Perry’s experiences is the progression he went through over a period of years in his attitudes regarding mental illness and what they may have to say about levels of stigma in the church related to mental health treatment. Continue reading

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Including kids and teens with mental illness at church…Grasping the relationship barrier

The kids and families we serve in our child and adolescent psychiatry practice are extremely vulnerable to a vicious cycle of escalating social isolation, perpetuated by the nature of the conditions they experience, their propensity to misinterpret the thoughts and reactions of other people and the stigma associated with mental illness. Continue reading

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Casseroles, church, and the stigma of kids with mental illness

We, as church, also have a remarkable opportunity to share the love of Christ with many families who, because of stigma, may be too embarrassed to let us know when they are in need. Continue reading

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One family’s Christmas at the movies…and our culture?

I would hope and pray God would see fit to use the Colson’s experience to open the eyes and hearts of many in our culture to the needs of families impacted by autism and other disabilities. I’m sure Emily and Max would be honored if everyone who hears of their story would demonstrate Christ’s love to someone experiencing the effects of disability at their next opportunity. Continue reading

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Contributing to a conversation about faith and mental illness

What if the environments in which we “do church” are distressing to large segments of our population who struggle with common mental illnesses? And what about the family members of a child or adult with a mental illness who miss out on learning about Jesus or growing in faith in Jesus because attending church or belonging to a small group or participating in a service ministry is too overwhelming to their brother or mother? It’s not unreasonable to assume that a significant chunk of people in any given community have some experience of church but don’t regularly attend church because of the subtle, but real ways in which mental illness presents a barrier to the environments in which we do ministry. Continue reading

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Is autism a form of mental illness?

Because of extensive media coverage and public education, the stigma associated with autism has largely disappeared. But the stigma associated with mental illness has largely remained. And that’s especially true in the church. Continue reading

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Hot Topics: Should Christian Parents Seek Out Christian Mental Health Professionals?

Effective treatment of your child’s mental health condition can often reduce or remove significant barriers to spiritual growth. Unfortunately, parents may find it far easier to find someone to fix their kid than finding someone to fix the attitudes demonstrated toward persons experiencing mental illness at their church. Continue reading

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Rhett Smith…Inclusive Ministry Environments for Kids and Adults With Anxiety

Today’s interview segment with Rhett Smith is the perfect discussion starter for tonight’s Special Needs Ministry TweetChat on the impact of mental illness at church. In Part Four of our interview with Rhett, he shares ideas for pastors, church staff and volunteers for making church a more welcoming place for children and adults with anxiety. Continue reading

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Are Parents of Kids With ADHD Stigmatized at Church?

Earlier this week, Shannon Dingle had a wonderful post on her blog The Works of God Displayed (I’d highly encourage readers of this blog to subscribe to Shannon’s blog) on perceptions of folks in the church about the diagnosis of ADHD. I’d encourage you to read her post, because I’m challenged to express my opinions as eloquently as she did on her blog. I very much appreciate as well the comments on her blog from a pastor (Perry) who was willing to give voice to some of the thoughts and feelings Shannon was seeking to describe in her post.
Continue reading

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