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He won’t remember: Children and PTSD…Jolene Philo

But very few churches talk about the babies, special needs babies, who also suffer from PTSD. Because we don’t want to believe they feel pain. Very few churches talk about children already traumatized before birth or children traumatized by direct or observed trauma.
Because we good church people don’t want to believe they remember.
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#2…Churches should become trauma and attachment-informed

So, church leaders, what can you do to become trauma- and attachment-informed and to then use that knowledge to serve adoptive and foster families well? Continue reading

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What keeps kids with ADHD out of church?

“People in the church believe they can tell when a disability ends and bad parenting begins.” Continue reading

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The chasm is bigger than I ever imagined…

Parents of kids with mental health conditions are especially prone to be stigmatized at church because of the lingering belief among many in the Christian community that mental illness is a byproduct of sin, kids who struggle with managing emotions and maintaining self-control are the product of parents who are ineffective or indifferent and much of the mental health profession can’t be trusted. Continue reading

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Adrian Peterson, Christians and corporal punishment…

Do we as a Christian community want to allow the issue of whether corporal punishment is required by Scripture to define us when the potential exists for the issue to become a stumbling block to others who might be considering the claims of Christ? Continue reading

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Updated…How are kids and teens with ADHD different?

Dr. Barkley’s theories suggest that ADHD is a disorder not only of attention, but of executive functioning as well. Executive functioning describes a set of cognitive abilities involved in controlling and regulating other abilities and behaviors. Such functions are necessary in initiating goal-directed behavior, suppressing impulses arising from lower brain centers, and planning future behavior.
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AWANA Conference Presentations on Slideshare…

The most common message communicated to me during and after the conference was…”You’ve really made me think.” Please join me in praying that every leader in attendance yesterday will welcome one kid and one family to their Awana ministry as an outcome of our conference.
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The relationship between anxiety and church attendance…

Is it possible…or even likely that an important reason people attending church report less anxiety is that the regular experience of anxiety causes people to have more difficulty in attending church? Continue reading

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I’m not like “those kids”

The kids (and their families) are exquisitely sensitive to perceptions of being “different” from everyone else. This is a key reason why they don’t fit into most “special needs ministry” models and why they’re inclined to avoid “programs” that draw attention to their differences. Continue reading

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Updated: Families impacted by depression…How can the church help?

Society still places a stigma on mental illness, but Christians make it worse, he said, by “over-spiritualizing” depression and other disorders — dismissing them as a lack of faith or a sign of weakness. Continue reading

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